Our Story

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Our Story starts not much different than most everybody else...

We work hard & try to make end's meet. We have 3 great kids & have taught them that work never hurt anybody so roll up your sleeves & get busy. Strap Caddie came into the picture about 6 years ago when I tried to get out some straps from my box of straps and spent over 20 minutes untangling them. I began thinking about a way to fix this Tangled mess I always had to deal with when I needed a strap. As we developed the Strap Caddie we noticed it would hold all the extra strap material that we always had problems with flapping around as we go down the road. We have work to make this product something that will save you time & keep you safe at the same time. Please let us know what you think & always  be careful out there. We would like to see your Strap Caddies being used so send us those pictures to share. Thanks for stopping by and supporting us.  

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This is how important it is to protect yourself. 

A friend told me about when his brother-in-law was coming home from a camping trip.  He had his kids in the back seat when a strap end caught air & was sucked into the driveline and in seconds the "S" hook of the strap came crashing through the back window right between the two kids heads & then got caught on the window edge & stretched it over 4" before the strap broke.  This all happened within 15 seconds of the strap wrapping around the driveline.  


Straps can be dangers.