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This 2" x 30ft Polyester Recovery Strap will keep you on solid ground why you help remove the stuck vehicle. Each end is made to hook to a vehicles bumper hook or pass one end through the other open tow strap end or use shackles to secure it. Open loop ends allow a secondary tow strap to be passed through them allowing for more of a center pull on the vehicle or item you are assisting. Center pulling maximixes the pulling power on the tow strap and vehicle. With 16,000 lb Breaking Strength and 20,000 lbs Tensile Strength and an over all 8,000 lbs of Capacity for Securing items this tow strap works to make towing and securing easier. 



Vehicle Recovery Strap

SKU: T30
  • End Style Loop
    Break Strength 16000 lbs
    Rated Capacity  8000 lbs
    Material Polyester 
    Tensile Strength 20000 lbs
     Strap Type 2"
    Length Strap 30 foot
    Product Weight 4.51
    UOM Each